ATA Stock Pics _066Physical Examination Requirement

All students wishing to participate (practice, play, observe, etc.) in school athletics must pass a physical examination administered by a licensed physician, a licensed nurse practitioner that is in collaboration with a licensed physician, or a licensed physician’s assistant under the supervision of a licensed physician and complete the Louisiana School Entrance and General Health Exam Form. Physical examinations are valid for one calendar year.

You can now receive a free physical at Landry-Walker’s Health Clinic. Call 504-529-5558 to make an appointment.


Parent Permission Requirement

Algiers Charter requires written parental/guardian permission for any child wishing to take part in its elementary and middle school sporting leagues. If you would like your child to participate, complete and sign the Parental Permission form and return it to your child’s school. No child will be allowed to participate (practice, play, observe, etc.) without this form.

To see all requirements for parents, staff & students, visit the Athletic Handbook.