Video Production

TV Production

 An introduction to the applications and techniques of video production. Students develop an understanding of basic video production techniques, applying planning, shooting, and lighting used for various purposes, including news, documentary, educational, narrative, sales promotion, and experimental video projects.

Intermediate TV Production

Fundamentals and style of video production. Short videos are conceived, produced, screened, and analyzed. Attention is also given to professional video/film production techniques. Students will also learn basic principles and techniques for use of lighting instruments, filters, and control technology.

Advance TV Production

Advance style and production techniques of video production. Students develop an understanding of the complete production process of budgeting, pre-production & post production. Intensive training in advanced production techniques and development and storytelling with video. Students will also produce a short video to be edited in Post Production I.


Post Production I (AVID)

An introduction to the applications and techniques of digital imaging technology. Students develop an understanding of the fundamentals of nonlinear editing applications. At an introductory level, each student edits the footage and completes the post-production details of the short video shot in Advance TV Production.

Post Production (Sound Editing – AVID)

At an intermediate level, each student will edit footage, focusing on the sound& EFX elements. Students will also engineer and mix the audio in AVID and complete a video/film project using techniques acquired in class – including digital recording technology, understanding time code, and advanced microphone and production mixing techniques.

Advanced Editing (AVID)

Advanced-level nonlinear editing procedures and techniques. Students edit segments of episodic television and longer formatted materials using professional techniques and equipment.