Digital Graphics

Basic Visual Design

Introduction to the problems and principles of visual design as it applies to film, video, and digital imagery. Students develop an understanding the fundamentals of art and how color, text, shapes and pictures relate to each other in media form.


Photoshop I

Introduction to 2D graphics and art. Students develop an understanding of the techniques and fundamentals of Photoshop. Students will also learn how to use photo editing and post-production techniques to create powerful images.Students will learn how to use color fills, gradients, patterns, and overlays. Students will also create layer masks, grayscale masks, and clipping masks to show or hide various parts of an image.

Photoshop II

In this course, students will build on the knowledge in Photoshop I, students will learn how to apply a variety of creative effects, use the Vanishing Point feature and Smart Filters. Finally, students will learn how Photoshop works with Web Design and print publication layout design…and to work more efficiently in Photoshop.

After Effects

This course will combine nonlinear editing and digital imagery. Students will learn how to seamlessly apply CGI to video and learn the basics of 2D animation with text and other simple objects.